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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2013-02-14 19:45:43 in reply to Fly rod record white sea bass? posted by Bob R on 2013-02-13 17:37:14

As Mike and Jim pointed out, and Joel confirmed with a page from the record book, Stan holds the record for the largest WSB caught on a fly rod. I only fished for them with 20lb tippet and I think my largest was around 25 pounds, caught while fishing with Stan. On that day Stan also caught a nice one and we also boated a 20 plus pound Halibut, all in about a half hour! A day I won't forget. If I were into records, I guess I could have submitted for the 20 pound record because it's wide open..........and perhaps the "easiest" one to take.

WSB are very game to the fly. The habits of large fish are interesting. They often feed at once and can move across the entire fleet of fishers relatively quickly resulting in many boats hooked up at once. At least this is often the case in the Monterey Bay when they are on squid. They are very curious and will chase almost any large streamer. I have caught maybe a dozen or so and all have come on baitfish patterns.....even when the bait fishers were "fly lining" squid (line with no weight). Stan caught his record on large squid pattern. I have only fished for them with LC and typically I count it down about 15 seconds but they can much be deeper, or right on the surface.

If the apparent abundance of these outrageously large fish holds, the likelihood of the fly angler to take a record in the Monterey Bay is very good, especially with all the vacancies in the record book. As with anything, time is the key. Learning their patterns and feeding them is one thing but going out VERY often would be an even bigger asset. They don't eat well every day but when they do, they are not that difficult to fool with a fly. Some say days before the full moon is best (to help you narrow your day choices if your fishing time is limited). They are a very powerful fish, and to me, they are fascinating. I suspect Stan finds them pretty interesting as well! Dave

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