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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-14 14:28:21 in reply to Recovery bags for bone fish posted by Vince Staley on 2013-02-14 13:15:55

I find it interesting that they did not quote any proven C&R mortality figures for bonefish. It also strikes me that whatever C&R mortality for bonefish exists...and I am sure it does....and may in certain circumstances be quite significant...that mortality is going to be highly dependent on issues of hook size, type of fishing gear, length of fight, handling and out of water time, predator density on the flats, etc., etc., etc..

There may (or may not) well be times and places where this would be helpful. But I would be very surprised if those were very common.

It also it quite significant, in a scientific point of view, that they have ZERO evidence that fifteen minutes in their bag really REDUCES mortality. A stronger-tail-wagging fish means nothing. And that tail wagging measurement was not double blind...the counter not knowing which fish had been bagged and which not.

It is very difficult to do good science in a situation such as this, and one can only applaud the desire and effort, but that is NOT a reason to jump on a bandwagon of poor science.

As they themselves say, "more study is needed".

Peter Patricelli

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