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Posted by LeeH on 2013-02-14 12:48:24

Hey Guys,

I wanted to give a bit of a report on a great find I made last summer. I was looking for a mono that was IGFA guaranteed. (there aren't many)
I was invited on a trip to Alaska with the goal of catching a world record pike, and I selected Froghair Deep Blue (not fluorocarbon). This material is a reformulated mono and it performed perfectly. I used the 8# test for virtually all of the trip and took a number of pike, over 20 lbs.

If others have had experience with Deep Blue leader, I would appreciate any comments.

...and also...

...I wanted to comment on a flats flyline that I used last year. For years I have used SA Ultra 4, for baby tarpon, bonefish and even permit, and it was/is a great line. When I was ready for a new line, I found the Ultra 4 was no longer available, but SA informed me that the new Supra fly line was exactly the same line, with a new color. I can report that it is exactly the same. On this last trip, I used this line for bonefish, tarpon, and permit, and was pleased to find that it is a great line!
Personally, with so many fly line designations, it is very confusing. I believe that the Supra line could be used for just about anything that swims the flats, including baby tarpon, and redfish. I still prefer the clear tip lines for bigger tarpon, but this line seems to do it all.


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