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Posted by Abe Mathews on 2013-02-13 18:11:26 in reply to Re: E Bay Pricing on Fly Rods posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-02-12 11:56:29

This plus...I happen to really like Scott rods. Unfortunately, my last two came when my only local Scott dealer went under, and I happened across their "everything must go sale". So none of my local retailers sell the product that I want - what then?

Now if I can get it locally? I'll pay a bit more to have it now. One local shop has a rod I've been wanting for a while. I'll gladly pay the sales tax to have it today. But this "local" shop is 60 miles away. If I had to ask them to order it, and then make another special trip back down there - it quickly becomes a pretty significant penalty to support a "local" shop.

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