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Posted by Honolulu Gator on 2013-02-13 07:32:49 in reply to Re: Show us your Crab Flies!! posted by MICHAEL ROSA on 2013-02-13 07:21:38

It is similar, but tied much more sparsely, and with very tiny lead eyes. The Perfect Crab is large, but very light, and is designed for tailing fish conditions with weedy bottoms. It enters the water with minimal splash, and is 99% weed proof. The fly works best when wade fishing, without much current, and is stripped very SLOWLY. If stripped to quickly it jumps off the bottom, not very crab like.

I have tried it in the Keys and it is much trickier, as the current there on a flat is usually much more than in Hawaii, moving the crab a bit too much. It is also VERY hard to fish from the deck of the boat unless the boat is not moving at all.

The other difference in the Keys if the fish are much less spooky, and they actually like to "hear" the fly hit the water a lot of times. Hawaii fish head for Christmas Island if they hear anything.

Dan Hall

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