Re: Delta water - outboard motor corrosion problems?

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Posted by Mike Q on 2013-02-08 21:01:35 in reply to Re: Delta water - outboard motor corrosion problems? posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-02-08 18:14:32

The only way I can check to see if the engine is warming up is by monitoring the temperature function on my MercMonitor. The MercMonitor utilizes the engine's sensors to display the information. The two things I always monitor with my 2 stroke is water pressure & water temp. Just last week I had to pull my themostats because the motor wasn't warming up correctly. If I didn't have the monitor, I would have kept running it most likely damaging the motor without knowing it.

IMO, the critical information you need for your (4 stroke) motor is oil pressure, water temp & water pressure. If any one of those isn't where it should be, you'll shorten the life on your motor or worst.

Yamaha has a system they call the Command Link. The Command Link (tach unit) will display RPM, water pressure, water temp, oil pressure (4 stokes), etc. The negative on the Command Link is the cost. There might also be a less expensive unit that will only measure water temp and/or pressure.

Might be worth asking your mechanic. Hope that helps.


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