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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-05 18:53:55 in reply to Well I can't fish, so no fish pics but here's some.. posted by Mike McKenzie on 2013-02-05 15:48:50

Aren't big lenses fun!!!

In case this is new territory for you....on my calibrated monitor the colors are over saturated. Could be a rookie mistake OR your monitor is uncalibrated and on the dull normal on it comes out overstaurated on others.

When shooting flying birds, it generally works out about right to have the EV set at -.7. That way, the overly bright sky....which will control the exposure will leave the underside of the birds UNDER in black silhouette. EV -1.7 tells the camera to take the normal exposure and ADD a .7 stop of exposure so the shaded underside of the bird gets the proper exposure...and the sky whiter. It is like shooting bright snow, sand, etc..

Since I am always waiting for action, or flight, and am always behind my shakey/touchey 600mm, I always default my starting mode to A(perture) priority at wide open so that my shutter speeds are always MAX for the available high ISO. That ensures the fastest shutter speed will freeze either any lens shake OR flight action. If I have a truly static subject...and have taken enough base pics, then I will drop the ISO and start closing the shutter and varying the exposure to milk the scene of all the variables.

Just some thoughts to play with as you branch out.

Peter Patricelli

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