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Posted by John McMinn on 2013-02-04 19:38:06 in reply to Re: husky musky posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2013-02-04 13:36:26


The lines to cast these monstrous flies must also be heavy. Think of 350-550 grain heads with the depth of fishing adjusted to water. Usually when I cast these lines I don't even bother with back-casting. I find that I can get reasonable distance by loading with the head and letting it fly. Not so with these wind-resistant flies. In my hands it is necessary to cast them and not count on shooting much line.

The terminal tackle is suited to both fish and fly. (see my photo). Blane uses a heavy snap swivel to simplify changing flies. The bite tippet on this rig is 80# mono or fluoro attached to the class tippet with an Albright.

Regarding the rod / reel - I like a 9' 10 wt. Blane likes the Sage bass rod with a Rio Outbound short. I will try some different rigs on my next trip, but suspect I'll be back with my favorite 9' / 10 wt.

The reel does not need to be special. You can expect cool takes, and a few hard runs - but they will not be long. We did not see our backing (remember, the water was pretty cold so a hard fight was never going to be likely). I am down sizing from my Abel to a lighter, sturdy Ross Gunnison.


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