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Posted by Adam on 2013-02-04 07:37:36 in reply to husky musky posted by John McMinn on 2013-02-03 12:05:40

Done three trips up to northeast Manitoba for trophy pike (greater than 41") during ice-out, and got over a dozen on the fly. But it was cold during the beginning of June and I hate the cold (it even snowed on several days). Nonetheless, the fishing was so good, it became addictive, thus the three trips with near frostbite (at least it felt like frost bite). Anyway, musky got onto my bucket list, but never gave them a try as the cold weather kept me away. So the question is: what would be the least coldest time to fish the Va muskies, but yet stand a chance of hooking up with a few? Also, what wt rod does one use to toss those beautiful, but rather large, flies?

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