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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2013-02-03 22:00:35 in reply to Re: Amazon 2013 Trip Report - Copa Air posted by Shiz on 2013-02-03 12:20:15

Shiz, How are you?

We left LAX at 5:20 am. We only had a one hour and fifteen minute layover in Panama city and we arrived in Manaus at 8:35 pm. I liked the flight and would do it again. I had anglers from the L.A. area and it was great for them. They had no extra night in a hotel. For me I have to overnight in either L.A. or Miami anyway so that part is a wash. I like the Miami flight better becasue you get to Manaus earlier in the day and it is a shorter flight. So if the money was the same I would go Miami.

It was so much cheaper for us to go the Copa from L.A. route that it made no sense to go through Miami. I saved about $500 on the airline expenses by going the L.A. route this year. As you know that could change and I would prefer Miami if the cost was similar because I get an extra 1/2 day in Manaus and I get to eat at the Catch of the Day restaraunt in Miami. :)

Oh yeah we left Manaus at 3:15 am which sucked but it allowed me to get all the way to Reno in the same day. That was the other thing that saved me $$$$. I had no return hotel expense.

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