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Posted by Ben Furimsky on 2012-07-05 13:40:21 in reply to Re: 2013 Fly Fishing Show Dates, Sites posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2012-07-04 11:32:53

Hey gang,
I wanted to clear up some information on our change of location for the NC Fly Fishing Show. Charlotte was a successful show for several years. After an ice storm basically shut the city down during the dates of our last year, we needed to make a change. Raleigh was a great show and location however we needed to look at continued growth. Some may think we move show locations in some cavalier manner or on a whim. The fact is we change for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:

. Availability of the location on the dates we need it
. Proximity of hotels and restaurants
. Rent for the facility
. Rent for set-up day
. Access to loading docks
. Electrical services
. Cost of booth lights
. Cost of chairs, tables
. Cost of carpeting
. Hotel room rates
. Security
. Insurance
. Access to main exhibit hall
. Access to seminar and presentation rooms
. Capacities of seminar and presentation rooms
. Airport proximity
. Freeway access
. Modern amenities

Primarily, the show in Raleigh was out growing the facility. The fair grounds lacked adequate space for our seminar and demo schedule. Additionally, the fair grounds have yet to return any calls for booking our show for 2013 and we could not wait for someone that didn't seem interested in hosting our event. We needed to look at other options. We wish we could host a show close to everyone, but it is worth driving a bit further for a more quality event. We have thousands of folks that travel long distances for many of out other events.

If our move from Raleigh to Winston-Salem concerns some of you, be aware that after weighing all the options, it was a slam dunk. There is more support from manufacturers and retailer, as well as a more modern facility with more space to expand. We hope to see you there.

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