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Posted by Walter on 2012-06-27 09:17:10 in reply to Re: Legislation Facilitates Killing of Problem Sea Lions... posted by Bill Hutchinson on 2012-06-26 14:19:35

You know I share your sentiments about the seals.
Don't forget the Russians hunted them to near extinction only a couple generations before your birth. There were a lot more seals, like there are now, before the Russians went to town on them.
1) But we had Brown bears roaming the beaches, which wasily would have kept them from napping year round at Jenner.
2) A friend in Camada who legally hunts seals as they stalk the Atlantic Salmon upriver stated the local scientists have indicated the seals didnt really venture so far up that river untill the Cod was wiped out. He made an analogy with it to our rockfish and inshore fishery crash. That drives the seals and sea lions to pursue anadromous fish even more.

And by the way, I dont see too many seals off the mouth of wild, undammed fisheries, without mandmade river-mouths(jetties/harbors etc). I've personally noticed them congregate at the mouth of hatchery fish laden rivers.

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