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Posted by Darian on 2012-06-26 16:28:30 in reply to Re: Legislation Facilitates Killing of Problem Sea Lions... posted by Bill Hutchinson on 2012-06-26 14:19:35

I have mixed emotions on this as, apparently, others do. I really like marine mammals. No question they are a major predator on other sea life (not just Salmon/Steelhead). I do not agree that a pinniped is an entirely saltwater species. They were/are intended to seek food whether in fresh or salt or fresh water and their water rights are senior to ours.

Fisheries managers should have the ability, knowledge and good sense to carry this mandate out as envisioned. However, we should keep in mind that the fisheries managers that will do this job are the same people who are drafting the BDCP and brought the Striper fishery to it's knees, here.

There's always mention of removal of dams in each thread concerning returning habitat to a state that it was formerly in. Given the water situation in this state, I'm not going to hold my breath until that happens. Nor should we necessarily wish for that end as it would most certainly have a major negative impact on the Delta which would remain as the sole source of water diversion. Just imagine the affect that would have on all anadromous species using it....

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