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Posted by Ned Morris on 2012-06-26 14:59:23 in reply to Re: Legislation Facilitates Killing of Problem Sea Lions... posted by Bill Hutchinson on 2012-06-26 14:19:35

I don't live on the Russian River but it is less than 1 hour from my house in San Rafael and I do love fishing it (now for the past 23 years) as I do many other Coastal streams on the West Coast for Salmon & Steelhead. Seals definitely take their toll everywhere I have fished. My stance on this subject has grayed however over time. We can certainly vilify the Pinnipeds and the propaganda associated with their negative impacts on Native Salmon & Steelhead Runs. Problem is man is never mentioned as the true culprit. Seals have preyed on Anadramous fishing in rivers for Millennia. It's not their fault they prey on Salmon and Steelhead. Man putting this back into balance? Don't start with seals...start with International Trawlers and Dams/impoundments first maybe.

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