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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2012-06-21 14:30:45 in reply to Re: San Luis Today with Ed Given posted by Steve Cali on 2012-06-20 20:31:57

Hey Steve,

Thanks! However, don't get too excited about SL being back. It was well on it's way to the good old days the two previous seasons. Last year was one of the best in several with tons of fish from 3 to 10 pounds. We (a few of us fly fishers) tried to keep the word down by not posting reports; but the word got out I think from the gear guys who were also scoring big time with plastic and plugs. Once the bait shops found out everyone did.

This spring started out pretty good with lots of fish but much smaller on average than last year; dinks to fish around 4 pounds with the occasional larger fish tossed in. By the first of June it was getting harder to locate those big schools. I'm hoping they just have gone deep since the water is warmer now; the lake is down quite a bit and I can't seem to located large schools of bait.

I think the "meat packers" have taken their toll again; but I don't think it's the boat anglers. The lake has been too bloody windy this year and boaters are lucky to get out one day out of 10. Yesterday we had the lake to ourselves. The bank slaughter goes on 24/7 and the rangers at the check-in stations have mentioned this to me on several occasions.

The good news is that since they don't allow anyone to walk out and fish off the dams anymore, I've seen more larger fish around this year than in past years. Twice I've watched monster fish follow Ed Given's fly to the boat; I've had follows by huge fish too but couldn't close the deal until yesterday. Ed has hooked a couple of Moes that either dropped off or rocked him off. I think one of his sons (Vern?) landed a 21-pounder on fly the other day. So there are some big ones around and if you're lucky, you might tag one; and that's what it takes - time on the water and luck. Ed could just as easily stuck that big fish yesterday as me since our flies were only feet apart.

I heard that the water people are going to draw the lake down to below historical lows this year and I'm quite concerned that doing so will result in a big fish kill. I hope I'm wrong. The one positive of all the wind is that the lake remains well oxygenated and the water doesn't seem to get too warm for any length of time.


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