A love & hate affair with permit...

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Posted by Nassim Joaquin on 2012-06-13 20:24:59

Permit fishing always has an umpredictable outcome...

Usually the fish are hard to find and even harder to make them eat a fly...

Well so far this year I went out one day chasing permit and I went one for one...so cool!!! So easy...

Then I went out again and I had a few chances with lock jaw fish but I finally managed to score permit #2 for 2012. Yes. Two for two!!! My ego was way high!!

Then I planed on catching fish #3 on my third day out...well that was it...It was just like when Ross Perot won the Presidency of the United States...

Well, it just never happen...

I fished for 10 days without a bite. 10 days!!! I never chased a fish so bad in my life...I was wondering what I did right before and what I was doing wrong but I could not find an answer...I was doing the same.

I had days were I saw no permit and had terrible weather and some others were I had lots of them....tailing...crusing...singles..doubles...schools....you name it...but nada...some will look at the fly...most of them will totally ignore the fly..some will spook at the fly...and some will be timid, but will follow the fly without eating.... Permit can drive you nuts!

So for 10 days nada!!!

At the end of the eleven day...at the very end of our "last flat" 5 minutes before literally going back to the office... here comes a happy school of small fish...I cast a velcro crab 5 feet ahead of them with my Horizon II rod and they go nuts for the fly!!

I finally get my fish #3 in 2012.Just like nothing happen.

I still cant belive I waited 11 days for a fish to take a fly again.

Imagine all the bonefish I could have caught in 11 days?

Well, I guess thats why I have a love-hate relation with permit.

Nassim Joaquin.-

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