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Posted by Stan P on 2012-06-12 02:56:16 in reply to Re: Baja's not dead....but the sardines are. posted by Dan Blanton on 2012-06-11 15:38:21

There is a book on the history of Monterey Bay at the time of the arrival of the first Spaniards. I think the title is "Cultural Imprints on the Monterey Bay" Those guys chronicled sardines (different species) a meter deep from the waterline to the base of the cliffs stretching from Monterey to where Capitola is now. Twice in the last 22 years I have seen Moss landing harbor choked with dead sardines. These same years I think the same thing happened in Santa Cruz harbor. The consensus was too many fish in too confined an area. The result, low oxygen levels and mass die-offs. Another comment about sardines was they would get so thick that a man could not row a boat through them. The Spaniards also commented on the huge numbers of wolves, bears and coyotes feasting on the beach on dead fish. Back then this was a very dangerous place.Now you are more likely to get hit by a Prius than eaten by a bear.

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