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Posted by Greg Mau on 2012-06-10 20:43:53

The anticipation of a trip is fun especially while preparing for it by trying new things while tying. This year, in getting ready for an upcoming trip to Mulege for Dorado with Al Smatsky of Excellent Adventures, surface stuff was first on my list.

Of course, you just have to have RDCF's. Mine are made with a rattle inside and a foundation of 1/8" grey sheet foam with a silver metallic covering that was rescued from a building site. The grey bottom edge of the fly was covered with a strip of aluminum tape and the front face was painted with white-out followed by coloring with a red felt pen. Other than those differences, the formula was pretty much like the RDCF in the Hot Files section herein. The foam body and hard epoxy coating works well at protecting the glass rattle.

There's Softex Poppers made pretty much as John Ryzanich does his Airhead Topwater Fly which is basically a body of mylar/mono braid stock coated with Softex to seal a pocket of air inside the head. The concept is great but it takes too many coats to get it air tight and therefore too long to make for it to be one of my "regular" ties.

The real "innovation" this time is a combination of King's Kinky Muddler and Noels NPD Diver tied on a 60 degree jig hook that I'm calling the Kinky Diver. The concept behind this is the representation of a struggling flying fish. Any Dorado worth is salt should race to get a hold of this. I'm guessing this be a winner.

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