A brief look at Los Roques, Venezuela

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Posted by henry cowen on 2012-05-16 11:32:18

Just returned from hosting a trip to Los Roques, Venezuela. There were 8 anglers who went on this trip (most from the Atlanta area). We ran this trip through Yellow Dog Fly Fishing. The trip was truly an adventure. Despite the usual blips that occur when traveling to really remote locals, we managed to make it through all the unaccounted for distractions. Los Roques was a beautiful island and the people on the island were incredibly friendly and polite. The guides were ALL very good and while most spoke some english they had eyes like an osprey. The food was excellent and while a some of our anglers got sick for a day most were in tip top shape during the trip. I will advise that it is really important to keep your cups that you drink out of during your day on the water in a safe place (out of the cooler where the ice is not drinkable). We wade fished almost 90% of the time (except when fishing for tarpon- both babies and mid-sized). All the bonefishing and permit fishing was done on foot. This place had the most bonefish I have ever seen (that includes having fished most of the Bahamas and much of Mexico). The size of these fish were impressive with fish averaging 3-4lbs and plenty of 5lb + fish. Fish from 6-10 lbs were seen and caught too! Your typical gotcha, scampi and bitters patterns worked while on the ocean flats the fish chowed on glass minnows. I never saw so many glass minnows in all my life. No wonder the gummy minnow is so popular over there. The permit fishing was intense and incredibly energizing as we stalked them in water knee deep with tails wagging in the air. Seeing this was commonplace. The permit loved the Avalon fly. The tarpon fishing was also suprisingly good. There were fish every morning and evening right in front of where we would get into our pangas as well as in some of the lagoons around the uninhabited islands. We caught them on baitfish patterns and on Kinky Muddlers. Fish were mixed in sizes from babies (6-10lbs) to mature fish up to 60lbs. We had days where anglers caught double digit #'s of bones and other days where anglers landed permit and 1/2 dz bones or jumped a few tarpon and landed 1/2dz bones. All in all you need to put this place on your bucket list if you have never been!
Sight Cast Outfitters are the folks over in Los Roques who take care of all the details for Yellow DOg. They did a top notch job. The food was EXCELLENT...not just good! Four course meals every night, decent accomodations and great fishing.


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