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Posted by Stan P on 2012-05-14 16:36:07 in reply to Re: Minor Honda Issue posted by Mike S on 2012-05-13 19:43:04

This is standard southern California lobster skiff gear. It goes through kelp like you would not believe. With a running start you cad go through the thickest kelp beds. You have to make sure you stop in a hole big enough to get going though. It is great for Calicos and the like in the SD beds. It has a tab that screws through the cavitation plate at the top and a fork that goes around the fin with a screw in it at the bottom. I used some splash zone epoxy putty to fair the nuts and bolt and the aft edge of the knife about three years ago. It looks like it needs some attention it is rougher than cob now. The Stainless knife is .125" thick x 1" wide. I sharpened the leading edge with a weld grinder. Your boat builders could make an unreal one.

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