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Posted by Marcus S on 2012-05-11 17:55:09

Been meaing to post this for months but been too busy with work, family, and fishing.

Buying a boat from the Kofflers was an incredible experience...I have never been able to spec out a boat from scratch, it was so fun and very reasonable cost!! I sold my bass boat and went straight across with the proceeds into this custom bad ass aluminum sled.

I needed a boat that was more versatile and kid friendly than a 20' tournament bass boat... I wanted aluminum this time as I have been on a brown trout kick and aluminum is much better for beaching on rocks and letting a foot of snow fall into it. It also crosses over into the salt very well.

I'd fished out of Charlie's original Koffler and was always impressed by the quality and attention to detail, and following the build on his current boat was more than I could take. I always assumed it was too expensive until I talked to Joe Koffler.

What's fun about a custom boat is that you get a boat that is completely unique, and you can set it up however you want!! These guys are master aluminum fabricators so adding and changing things is typically a very minor additional expense. I have owned a few fiberglass boats and have custom fiberglass parts built for those boats, and aluminum is alot more reasonable!!!

What has amazed me most about this boat is how solid it is, it reminds me of all the smaller whalers I've fished out...rock solid no shuddering in the slop. I have had this boat in some huge water already and it is incredibly surefooted for it's size. I can cut amazing slaloms through narrow creeks with it as well. I love tiller steering in a boat this size!!!

A few specs....
17' Koffler Bay Bee (10* bottom with delta pad)
60" bottom (85" beam or thereabouts)
sandblasted diamond plate deck and casting platform
10' rod locker
50HP Honda EFI 4 stroke - tiller steer (tiller is great in a boat this size IMO)
28 gallon fuel tank(infinite range if you put gas in the tank...and very accurate fuel gauge I have learned sputter sputter)
Unsinkable foamed construction.....the way it is foamed makes it even more solid and quiet.

I've attached a few photos of the boat build as well as the finished product.... happy to answer any questions!!!!


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