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Posted by BobPop on 2012-04-01 22:32:57 in reply to Re: Something New - Fleye Foils posted by Dan Blanton on 2012-04-01 21:37:14

These FLEYE FOILS will be ready soon. Maybe two weeks. Easy to use. There are two sides per fly. They have tabs to tie down at the nose. Make the inside underwing, flash, and top wing first. All tied in at the eye of the hook. Finally tie in the sides. I use Tuffleye, but any LCA(light cured acrylic for the west coast), and , of course, EPOXY works great to. I push the gel into the fibers from the top and bottom, and behind the bend. Then all over the foils too. One coat is usually fine but some cosmetic adjustments are needed from time to time. Keep the amount on the light side, especially in the beginning. The more you use them the better you will get. They are a lot of fun to tie with. There are three styles, and four sizes in each. They are intended to mimic the natural baits with shapes of bellies, gill and mouth lines, and eyes already on. A short lateral line too. There are Bay Anchovy, Silverside, and Sand Eel baits. They can easily pass for many other small baits but the three I picked have the best range of possibilities. And yes, more on the way.
This has been something I wanted to do many years ago but it was too costly for me to pull off. But now, Ibbi Mesinovic from Sweden showed me an idea he had that knocked me over when I saw it. Bait sides (very important because it makes them easier to tie on than all in one type), and a small tying tab. Great idea. I made the necessary changes for the most common baits on the East Coast and Gulf coast. These are small baits that are mostly transparent where the bellies, eyes, and lateral lines show up really well. This is what we came up with so far. Yes, there are more coming but this is the beginning. Hope you tiers have fun with them and give them a try in a couple weeks. Thanks, friends!

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