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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2012-01-29 19:25:36 in reply to Re: The Third Time's the Charm - Peacock Bass in Brazil posted by Steve Heinzelmann on 2012-01-29 12:55:38


I can't recall a fish that hits a fly harder, faster - not even a Great barracuda hits faster in my experience. The retrieve I used was the same one I use for our delta stripers, start off fast and hard with several full-arm pulls, a stop and drop and then a few half-arm pulls, mixing it up a lot. I stopped and dropped at least three times during a retrieve and I always kept it coming until I could see the fly and then I did the "Delta Dangle", letting the fly hang at the surface a second.

Many times the eat would be within ten feet or less of the rod tip after 60 or 70 feet of retrieve. You know they had to be following the fly taking it at the last moments of the pull. This is one reason why we were standing off the bank so far, making long casts - it often took some time to close the deal...

When it comes to these trips it's all about timing and luck with water conditions. If you hit it right with the water levels not too high or low, you'll slam them. We actually did much better with flies than the gear anglers in another camp way up river from us. They had higher water.

By the way, a stripping tub was invaluable. Bill and I took our Sea Level foam travel tubs with us and I wouldn't consider not having one with me on any trip like this.


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