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Posted by Bob Valko on 2011-12-15 18:14:08 in reply to Re: Dave Sellers/board members-Question regarding Sufix posted by Lee Rice on 2011-12-15 16:58:11

Hey Lee-

I'm too lazy to tie Bimini's (especially if I change a head on the beach), and like Dan said, the Surgeons is quick and easy, and relatively low-profile/silent in the guides. However - there is another knot to consider.

When I started using Sufix in the surf, Dave suggested I use a simple clinch knot, with 5 twists up, and 3 twists down before completing the clinch. I prefer this knot as it has a VERY low profile running through the guides - almost unnoticeable when casting.

It's imperative that you seat the knot, tag, and standing line very well as Sufix is really slippery stuff. I've been using Sufix with the clinch connection on/off in the surf for the past couple years, and I've never had a head/running line connection fail to date.


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