Do Your References and Citations Come Up Short?

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Posted by David Dempsey on 2011-11-10 18:38:36 in reply to References and Citations posted by Marty Gingras on 2011-11-07 10:27:10


Just a quick reading of the studies but I don't see any that address the explosive growth of pikeminnow and cormorant due to changes in the hydrograph (hope I'm using that term correctly?)

To us lay folks--what we've seen an astounding increase in the numbers of pikeminnow and cormorants due to the increase in stillwater impoundments and slower warmer waters due to the diversions etc.

It looks like the ONLY study that even remotely addresses this is Nobriga, ML, Feyrer, F, Baxter, RD. 2006. "Aspects of Sacramento pikeminnow biology in nearshore habitats of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California". Western North American Naturalist 66:106-114

Are there other studies that address the numbers of smelt eaten by these two predators whose numbers are now artificially high?

Do the two Rieman, B.E. and R.C. Beamesderfer studies indicate or provide a clue as to whether or not Striped Bass keep pikeminnow populations in check?

This appears to be a fair amount of reading although studies done prior to 1990 might be a little suspect. Was this was all researched as part of the court case and settlement--or is this part of a larger ongoing department concern with the health of the Delta?

Where can we--as laypersons--get our hands on these studies to read them and review the methodology?

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