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Posted by Bob R on 2011-11-03 15:36:04 in reply to Public Invited to Discuss Proposed Regulation Changes for Striped Bass posted by Marty Gingras on 2011-10-31 18:10:20

I don't think what Marty/DFG and supporting agencies are advocating has anything to do with modern fisheries/wildlife management and has everything to do with money/politics.
That fact that stripers take young salmon, even a significant number of them doesn't mean they are in any way responsible for the crash of salmon population or other species or UNHEALTHILY low numbers.
Lions take a "signifant" number of wildebeast in Africa every year but there are still healthy numbers of wildebeast (Or at least there would be without other outside factors like weather patterns or human caused problems like poachers, reduction of habitat, etc.)
I took a wildlife management course once and one of the first things they tell you is the number of prey species determine the number of predators and not the other way around.
Doing what the DFG is advocating, basically letting fishermen devastate the striped bass population, was referred to by our teacher as the "Dark Ages" of wildlife management when wardens shot hawks and mountain lions on sight in the mistaken belief that they were helping the deer or quail populations.
There were classic studies done demonstrating that over time this doesn't work.
In this case we are talking about an introduced species but since it's been around for 130 years and during that time has generally co existed with healthy salmon populations, etc. I think the analogy with indigineous predators is probably valid.
I think it's also not a coincidence that the DFG and supporting agencies proposal mirrors P.R. and legal campaigns being persued by wealthy powerful interests in corporate agriculture and commercial development.

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