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Posted by Stan P on 2011-11-03 12:17:40 in reply to Re: Science posted by Max Garth on 2011-11-02 12:31:31

•undeniable fact, Water exports are the #1 cause of damage to listed fish stocks.
•Stripers suspected of further reducing listed species stocks
•Level of striper impact on listed species presently undetermined/not quantifiable
•DFG proposed action- eliminate stripers to protect listed species
•Unintended impacts of striper elimination unknown
•DFG unable or unwilling to demand water exports be reduced
•Known impact of striper elimination, emasculation of political opposition to water exports
If improvement of listed species stocks is the goal of the issue at hand then this list makes clear the primary action which will achieve the goal.
DFG has failed to improve listed species stocks since the '60's by ignoring the overwhelming evidence of water exports as the culprit. I welcome/defy anyone, anywhere to make the case that more water left in the delta will not improve all fish stocks. There is no proof or even indication that water extraction helps any thing in the delta. If there is bring it on. Let's argue a cogent subject not some arcane, dim, indication, that something, might, maybe, perhaps help. DFG is proposing to entirely eliminate a popular and economical important fishery. How can that be? Especially since this action is based on admittedly incomplete/inconclusive science? My point is if we are arguing the benefits to Californians of excessive water exports out of delta then let's argue that point. If the argument is about the heath of listed species then let's argue that point. The arguments are only distantly related with respect to solutions for either. DFG must make a decision, they must either focus on fixing the fisheries or they must simply get out the dynamite and kill ALL the fish. DGF must engage both testicles and come down on one side or the other. The lack of conviction to fulfill public trust at DFG is beneath contempt. This agency is mandated to be about protecting fish and game stocks period, nothing else. They are invested with the power if not the will to do so. DFG must lead, follow or get out of the way. At this point they are only confusing fact with fiction and allowing our resources to decimated.

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