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Posted by David Dempsey on 2011-11-01 11:04:49 in reply to Public Invited to Discuss Proposed Regulation Changes for Striped Bass posted by Marty Gingras on 2011-10-31 18:10:20

Comments Dan generally won't let us post here!

First and foremost, the DFG and FGC work for us--the taxpayers (ALL the taxpayers--not just Stewart and Linda Resnick) and fishing license holders. I am--right now feeling like DFG and FGC have caved into the large agribusiness concerns (although I may have used stronger terms in my original comments)despite the fact that the vast majority of anglers want more striped bass and more protections for the fishery...and LESS subsidized almonds--now being sold in China>

#2 The arguments about predation are specious at best. The striped bass has coexisted succesfully with all the mentioned threatened and endangered species for close to--oh...say the 60 million years or so that salmonids have been on the planet. Changes in the amount of water STOLEN from the Delta have disrupted that delicate balance. Coincidently water exports have now reached new highs.

It is absolute "you kknow what" to pretend that water export is NOT the biggest issue to these imperiled species;

It is absolutely spineless to not mount a bigger more agressive fight against these corporate criminals who are robbing us of OUR jobs, OUR livelihoods and a heritage fishery;

It is beyond suspect that both FGC meetings that will address the topic are being held about as far away from the Delta as is possible...and still be held in the state!

For once in my life, I'd like to see more of the DFG employees grow some you know whats...and stopping playing the game of career bureaucracy or doing business as usual--AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT for the Delta rather than what Monsanto, Resnick, Tenneco, Westside, Chevron, Sanhedrin LLP (?) and whatever other large landowners and investment groups want you to do...

I'm hoping that 3000 angry anglers and people concerned about the health of the Delta will see through the departments lack of conviction and willingness to fight for what is right--and OCCUPY your meetings :lol

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