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Posted by Marty Gingras on 2011-11-01 09:56:47 in reply to Re: Public Invited to Discuss Proposed Regulation Changes for Striped Bass posted by lee s. on 2011-10-31 20:48:26

Hi all,

Comments on this forum and some others have included 2 notions that bear addressing here.

People have made comments to the effect of "They claim it's all the stripers' fault." The Department has never asserted anything close to that and I am quite sure NOAA Fisheries and USFWS haven't either. For that matter --- and although it might not be politic to mention it here --- the Plaintiffs didn't argue that either. The status of the listed species is clearly not all the stripers' fault, but the populations of listed fish are in such bad shape that agencies are working on an increasingly broad range of issues in an effort to recover them.

People have made comments to the effect of "The Agencies don't get it. The problem is lack of water." The agencies get that the quality and quantity of water is a major issue. To address that issue, agencies do research, issue restrictive permits on diversions and discharges, etc. The most famous examples of that sort of work to protect and recover the listed fish are the so-called OCAP Biological Opinions (BOs) and Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs) issued by NOAA Fisheries and USFWS regarding operations of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project. The BOs said (in essence) that operation of the water projects as proposed by DWR and USBR put several listed species in jeopardy of extinction. The RPAs (in essence) told DWR and USBR how to operate the water projects to avoid jeopardizing those listed species.

The discussion about the striped bass fishing regulations we will propose will probably go best if we don't spend much time on the incorrect notions that the agencies think it all the stripers' fault and that the agencies are not working hard on the water issue.


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