Carp fishing report, Finger Lakes Region board participants?

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Posted by JC Smith on 2011-07-22 16:09:12

Hello everyone,

I have not been able to put together plans to fish the Keys for permit this fall. My consolation is immersion in the local carp fishery. The rivers south of my home near Keuka Lake offer great carp fishing though. Lots of gravel bars and shoals, along with room for big backcasts and plenty of big carp.

Conditions were near ideal, little or no wind, no clouds, warm (85 degree) temperatures, and a day off from work. The photos I posted are of the largest fish of the day, which taped out at 34 inches. I guess it around 25 pounds. Thanks to a young man who came along to watch the fun and took the photos with my cell phone.

All the fish were taken on something crayfish-ish. One landed on a non-descript bonefish fly with tan craft fur and rubber legs, one on a Clouser tied with red fox tail hair and the third on a Shane Stahlcup crayfish (clumps of synthetic dubbing with a "tail" of rubber legs). Patterns dont seem to matter as long as its about the size and color of a crayfish. The preferred presentation is a downstream and across cast that lands right on the fish's nose, or where you can drift and swing into the feeding zone. The fish pictured here took a fly I cast stright upsteam, dropping the leader on the fish's back. If the fish is not turning rocks over and looking for crayfish, the odds of it taking interest in the fly are negligible. If it is working the bottom, they will grab the fly right off or follow it like a bonefish before the grab.

I fish with the same 8 weight I use for small mouth and bonefish. Two friends who are also fishing this way are doing better numbers wise as they float the water in an inflatable or kayak. I am wet wading, which greatly reduces my ability to get close enough for a cast.

While I am posting this, I'd like to hear if there are any other board participants from the Finger Lakes.

Best regards all.

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