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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2011-05-28 23:32:25

I bought a custom made boat 9 years ago and against the advise of Joe Koffler, the boat builder,I ordered a flat bottom version of his sled boat. I did so because at the time I was spending the bulk of my time in the river systems of Nor Cal.
As my fishing for stripers got more important to me I found myself fishing the delta more often than the rivers. The flat bottom , although totally amazing in the rivers, was not a good fit or the delta.
I sold that boat and dropped the proceeds into the "family" general fund.I did so with the understanding that I would soon get a new boat with a much more pronounced V hull that would serve my fishing needs more appropriately.I even designed a new boat with Joe Koffler of Koffler boats in Eugene Oregon.
Well, with kids to educate and many other places for the boat sale proceeds to go, it was looking pretty grim after 4 long boat less years.I did happen across a fantastic deal on a Honda 150 four stoke and secured the motor several years ago.
I got a call back in January 2011 from Joe Koffler of saying that one of his customers had wanted a bigger boat and had put his 1998 20 ft aluminum sled on consignment at the kofflers facility.He felt like it would be a good fit for me and said he could "Charlieize " it for me fairly easily.The rest is history as they say.
It has been really cool to work with Joe and his team of fabricators to turn my paper ideas into three dimensional boat features.It has pretty much everything that I would want in a new boat.
I will try and post some completed photos but here are a few that depict the amazing transformation. A lot yet to do but we are getting closer.
Cheers , Chas

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