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Posted by Brandon Powers on 2011-05-17 13:33:15 in reply to George Glazener is a... posted by Michael Rosa on 2011-05-15 18:44:14

I was lucky enough to join George on his adventure. I volunteered to help out with travel, rigging and tackle, and make sure he returned home in one piece. Although we have been good friends for a while, this was our first time to actually fish together. Michael Rosa selflessly offered to let us take over his boat for a few days. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting or fishing with Michael Rosa - he is as good as they come. I cannot wait until our next opportunity to fish together.

We had great weather during our trip and the fish showed up right on schedule. As expected, George had a bit of 'buck fever' in the beginning but quickly settled down, started leading the fish, and getting better shots. Although the fish were happy and looking to eat, they had obviously seen a few anglers and were being very selective. We didn't jump any fish, but we had a fantastic time on the boat.

Before we left,I took George by Robbie's so he could get a closer look at some tarpon. After feeding a few, I convinced George to take a crack at it. Unfortunately, I didn't give clear instructions on how to hand-feed a hungry tarpon - choosing instead to grab my camera and record the event. After the fish released George's arm, I walked him up to the marina to wash off the blood. I should have been taking pictures of the bus-load of teenagers that now crowded the dock waiting to see the tarpon. George's hand (which was bleeding quite well by that point) drew multiple shrieks and 'I'm going to be sick!" comments from the girls...It was awesome! George ended up being the only one to get a tarpon to eat...though not like he had imagined.

Thanks to George and Michael for allowing me join him on this adventure. Lets do it again soon!

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