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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2011-05-15 18:44:14

real man's man. Many of you know George as a magnificent fly tyer and as one of fly fishing's elder statesman. I've heard the term "trout weenie" in more than one conversation while sitting at a Keys bar. No one will ever mistake George for one of those!!! I had read of George's medical issues here on Dan's board on a Tarpon thread. He had mentioned that one of the things on his to do list was a tarpon on the end of his fly line. I told him if he could get to Florida I would do my best to get him to the fish. The past several years George has been through a lot and it's not my place to discuss it here so I'll just say he tried to wiggle out of the trip looking for a way out. With the help of Charlie Bisharat I refused to let him out of HIS own dream. I told him, Do the rehab, get your strength up these are not hybrid stripers! True to himself George worked out daily and finally after months of cheerleading, George was on his way. I on the other hand did not sleep the week before he showed up. I could only hope to find fish in conditions that suited George's abilities. I mean, come on what was I to expect from an 86 year old guy? George was accompanied by Brandon Powers, "he works at TFO" George said. He's going to help me get around on this trip. Brandon is a whole "other story". I'm trying to keep this short, with no luck. On the first day I told George that whatever that could possibly go wrong will go wrong so do not be discouraged. George did not disappoint, lol at one point George complained he could not load the rod!!! George, I said, let go of the fly! What really blew my mind was here is this 86 year old guy sitting on my cooler, after trying to wiggle out of this trip, flinging 60 foot back casts with accuracy! Well... after I pointed out the mouth of the fish was on the other side, he got the message. That night in bed I thought, well at least he got to see and cast to some fish. I slept a little better that night. The next day George had studied the problem and was a different angler. We got lucky and he was making 60' back casts with accuracy at daisy chaining fish, at one point making five shots without lining or spooking the group...amazing! While he did not hook a fish he did make a life long admirer and friend. Hopefully he will come back soon and give it another shot. I am lucky to have spent a couple of days with one of our sports elite. Thanks George and Thanks Dan for making it possible here in your community.

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