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Posted by Martin on 2011-04-22 12:11:25

Allegedly Kauffman's didn't just close their doors on a whim, they (probably just Lance) had been planning this for a while. According to a letter to the OR Attorney General, Kauffman's has been taking travel deposits and payments for at least the past 3 months but not booking or forwarding the deposits to the lodges or agents. In February Lance was notified by the OR State Marine Board (which regulates travel agents, guides and outfitters) that Kaufmann's surety bond had lapsed due to non-payment. There was no response.
Employees were notified that Kaufmann's had closed when they arrived for work and the doors were locked and the keys changed.
If there is anything good to come from this, it might be that purchasers of travel (especially from 3rd party vendors such as most fly shops) request to see a copy of the surety bond that will protect them in the event anything like this comes to pass.


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