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Posted by Martin on 2011-04-20 11:38:34 in reply to Re: Kaufmann's goes under. posted by FishHawk on 2011-04-20 04:23:12

Kaufmann's had been in decay well before the recession. They leaned heavily on catalog sales - sometimes to the point of alienating local customers. Several other shops opened up in the immediate vicinity and filled the void.

Randall was the face of Kaufmann's and he had good business sense. When he retired and sold the shop to Lance, it was the beginning of the end. They suspended catalog sales with the thought that their internet site would take its place. It was a poor site from the get-go and even when they revamped their web page, they never adequately populated or maintained it . . . seems to be a common theme with many brick and mortar stores who dabble on the web.

Finally, just before the recession they made an expensive move which was likely the nail in their coffin.

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