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Posted by Dan LeCount on 2011-04-17 21:23:27 in reply to costco=GOOD PEOPLE! posted by Mikey on 2011-04-08 09:35:35


Most fly shops obey the slated MSRP's. Sometimes they'll charge over the price by a small amount, maybe from higher overhead for shipping to smaller/further locales, or cause they live in low traffic areas, whatever. But you shouldn't see anyone pricing under the MSRP because Sage/Simms have retail contracts(vocal or otherwise) with their distributors to maintain their price or no longer carry their product. Giving out discounts for name brands would be a poorly calculated risk and could possibly forfeit all your contracts with your major retail suppliers.

The 50% off deal your friend got was probably his shop friends unused prodeal for that season. A prodeal is basically a limited promotional offer for guides and fly shop employees to help get the product in the hands of the people that sell them. It varies by company, but its usually a pair of waders or a rod or 2 per year, below wholesale. Selling your prodeal is generally frowned upon. Again, a risky proposition and an easy way to get cut off.

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