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Posted by GES on 2011-04-11 11:59:09 in reply to Re: costco=GOOD PEOPLE! posted by Gman on 2011-04-11 10:44:42

Well all convenience stores are not the same either. Some of them (one in particular) has a very liberal returns policy; maybe too much so; and I have had to use that when I made a mistake, and got the wrong thing. But I usually do my research pretty well, so I seldom have to return stuff.

In this case, a return was not permitted, and the manager at the store even thought I would be silly enough to buy an "upgrade" product from him, but he wouldn't take the wrong one back. Turns out he did me a favor, because his upgrade suggestion was a lot more money, and I now know it wouldn't have worked for me either. The manufacturer has "improved" his product in just a few months so that it now doesn't work for me, in a different way from what the first one wouldn't.
QAnd yes it took some generous time at that "liberal" policy store, and also from a local specialty shop to prove that the possible upgrade path was a no go. And the specialty store dealer, was very surprised to learn for himself that the manufacturer had made some totally inexplicable change; that even their approved dealers were not told about.

So the hot little hands on approach at your local shop, can often save you money, rather than cost you extra.


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