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Posted by GES on 2011-04-08 16:43:17 in reply to costco=GOOD PEOPLE! posted by Mikey on 2011-04-08 09:35:35

Well I'm pretty much in favor of "free markets"; but they seldom are that.

But here's a good/bad Costco question for you. If you are a novice fly fisherperson, and you walk into your local Costco, to see what they have in the way of fly fishing gear; after all you're a member aren't you. Well I can guarantee that at least half of the people you find in the store; well excuse me, I mean "associates" of course, will actually be able to spell fly rod, or even fly reel. But don't go in there with the idea that someone can help you figure out the one that is right for you.

If you go into your local fly tackle store, or even a more general fishing store such as Fisheman's Warehouse in CA for example; there's a pretty good chance you will encounter someone who knows as much or more than you do, to help you sort things out.

That is some of what you pay your local dealer for.

Having recently spent a good bit of money buying a product (which is very nice) but is also not actually the right product for my need, from a convenience store, where the "associate" couldn't even understand my question when I posed it, I would rather pay a little extra to the vendor, who actually knows what the products (s)he sells can or will do, and what they won't do too. In this case, I couldn't even get a correct answer from the experts, at two local "specialty" stores, and believe me they are experts. Finally, I e-mailed the Customer support of the Manufacturer of the product, and their customer "support" simply ignored my question, and didn't bother to answer.

I had to do the research myself to prove that the product that I paid good money for at a "convenience" store, simply will not do what I want to do, and the manufacturer deliberately designed it to not do what I want to do; even though they knew over 40 years ago exactly how to make it so it will do it. Now other products from the same manufacturer, will do what I want; except it is now far too expensive for me to correct my mistake, and get one that will; and as I say; it is a very good product; just the slightly cheaper "Convenience" associate, could not tell me it was the wrong one for me.

So if you don't support the local "specialty" business; whatever it is; pretty soon you will have to do ALL of your own due diligence, before shelling out money for the wrong thing.


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