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Posted by Phil Brna on 2011-04-08 12:41:13 in reply to Big Flies posted by Wayne Syn on 2011-04-07 22:58:19

I fell in love with Charlies Airhead when it came out and so did the roosters, tarpon, jacks, skippies and plenty of their friends. I emailed Charlie back and forth and I was able to figure out how to tie it but I also never made the dowel forms. However, at about that time I found the flexfleye tied by Bob Popovics. I don't think that fly is as durable as the airhead nor is it as pretty but it catches fish. I have tied some as long as 8 inches.

Charlie, have you made any decisions about selling the forms? If so, I want to be first in line. Also, with the help of Steve Reem I have messed up lots of Rainy's popper heads in making poledancers. I final got my hands on one and I be playing around more.

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