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Posted by Grant on 2011-04-06 23:51:49 in reply to costco=BAD PEOPLE! posted by Josh on 2011-04-05 21:51:02


I only know you casually from a few interactions over the last fifteen or so years. I understand your concern as a shop owner, but cannot as a consumer agree. The free market works--it simply does. If you are to compete as a shop owner, it has to be through service and knowledge--it can't be from price protection. My understanding from those you know is that you are an exceptional angler. From that depth of knowledge, people should seek you out. But to presume that you will have a monopoly based on price, is unrealistic in today's day and age. Just saying. I hope you do well--like all the shops owned by people who are dedicated to teaching the sport and educating. But being upset with Costco because they do something legal that adversly affects shops is, frankly, not something anything any of us should be upset about.

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