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Posted by Cary on 2011-04-06 15:40:35 in reply to costco=BAD PEOPLE! posted by Josh on 2011-04-05 21:51:02

Why, exactly, does this make them bad? Seems for most of us, its good. For the specialty shop maybe not-so-good, but it was limited to one item of the existing line (one model of waders, only the 5 wt z-axis).

I still have a hard time understanding how so many sage rods could end up at Cosctco without sage’s knowledge due to some shipper. My thoughts is that Sage & Simms should control their inventory better. There had to be a willing buyer and seller, right, and the product had to have been originally shipped by Sage…

Seems too much effort by the industry to cover up an embarrassment by Sage & Simms. So there price fixing took a hit, so what?

Josh, you post the link without comment, who are you and what is your opinion?

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