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Posted by joelnrosenthal on 2011-04-01 21:37:00 in reply to Sage and Simms at Costco posted by Woody on 2011-04-01 18:00:11

Jamie--I think you are a bit naive to think that your rod is suddenly "worth less". It became about $200 dollars or more less valuable when you took it home and opened the tube. Check the "completed listings" on ebay for sage z axis rods, and you'll see one sold today--brand new--for $400. And that's been my experience with Sage as well as other manufacturers-a few hundred dollars off list on ebay for a new or lawn cast only rod--complete with warranty card. Face it--most fishing rods are seriously depreciable assets-and when sage discontiunes the z axis in 2 years or less(as at least one sage dealer I know thinks will be the case) your rod will be worth even less.If you feel badly that you overpaid, in light of what others are paying at costco today, then that's the price of supporting your local fly shop with manufacturer dictated prices and occasional "value added" discounts.As for Jamie's clarification, for me it poses more questions than it answers. Is he suggesting that these rods were stolen or hijacked? Seems to me sage should know exactly to whom these rods were delivered and be able to trace the manner in which they made it to costco by simply looking at shipping invoices. If they were misdelivered to someone who sold them to costco, that's conversion--a crime in every state i can think of. If they were properly delivered to someone who didnt send them to the intended reseller, I find it hard to believe some distibutor would think that fly rods listing at $695 were a costco item.And if Woody is correct that the sage rods are being sold at numerous costco sites, how does that square with Jamie's statement that it was a "very limited". quantity? What is limited? 50? 500? Either way, I don't see that his reply would give much comfort to anyone buying Sage at full retail from their local fly shop.
All of which leads to the oft raised topic here, of supporting your local fly shop, the economics thereof etc-which I have absolutely no intention of addressing. I'd just like to know exactly how those rods got to costco.

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