Sage and Simms at Costco

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Posted by Woody on 2011-04-01 18:00:11

I went into a local Costco and saw that they are selling Sage rods and Simms waders. Specifically they were offering a Z Axis 590-4 for $499 and G-4 waders for $399. Both items are significantly below the manufacturers set retail price. Looking at the Costco site, these items are being offered at many of their stores throughout the US west. What is going on? This suddenly made my Z Axis worth less and I can’t see how the fly shops will be able to compete. Is this a one off retail blitz or should the consumers expect more of this in the future. There is a lot of speculation on the web on sites in Washington, Utah and Colorado but no response from Sage or Simms. Perhaps somebody on this site is in the know and can explain.


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