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Posted by LeeH on 2011-03-10 16:48:25 in reply to Another Way to Take Fly Photos - Use a Scanner.... posted by Lefty Kreh on 2011-03-10 12:37:12

Hey Lefty,

Nothing new here. Grin!

I gave up trying to use a camera, to photograph flies, about 10 years ago, and have been using a scanner ever since. It is perfect for step-by-step illustrations, instructions, for fly patterns. [For completed fly patterns, the scanned image can be placed into Photoshop for detailing.]

I start with the scanner next to my comp. and my fly tying vise behind me.
1. I tie one step, pull the stem of the vise out of the clamp, along with the thread, and lay it on the scanner.
2. Scan the fly/vise/thread. Rescan if not just right.
3. If it is right, I save the picture to my desktop, and label it.
4. Open the picture (JPG), and copy it into a Word document.
5. Below the picture, I type in the instruction.
6. Place the stem/vise back into the clamp and tie the next step.
7. Repeat until finished.
8. I usually "Photoshop" final fly pictures, and add text.

It is easy to re-scan a particular step, at a later time, and paste it into the Word document.

Literally dozens of BB members have received instruction/illustration sheets from me, created in exactly that same way. They might not be publisher quality, but it gets the job done.

Yes, Lefty, the scanner makes life easy for "taking pictures" of flies. Especially for guys like me, not handy with a camera.

BTW: All the flies on my website were scanned!

Lee Haskin

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