Another Way to Take Fly Photos - Use a Scanner....

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Posted by Lefty Kreh on 2011-03-10 12:37:12

Using a scanner to make images of your flies won't let you be quite as creative as when using a light box, lights and camera, but if you have a scanner you can quickly produce very acceptable fly or rigging images for both magazine work and INTERNET posting. Here are the details:


My HP Scanjet cost me about $180 in 2010.

To use a flat bed scanner - insert CD software and load.

An icon appears on the desktop.

Turn on Scanner - lay things to be scanned on cleaned glass (careful not to scratch grass) and place the proper background on top of scanned objects If items are of mixed color--use a small cork bulletin board).

For backgrounds I glue stiff cardboard to Michael’s Handicraft store’s thin foam sheets of different colors
(you can clean these better colored cardboard).
Click on scanner Icon and a set of instructions appears.
If flies, lures, etc click on IMAGE—PICTURES, etc. If TEXT Click it.

I prefer a resolution of 300 dpis, which is acceptable for books, magazine submissions and Power Point or Keynote shows.

A SCANNED-image appears with crop lines--crop to desired size.

After cropping click SCAN FOR FINAL IMAGE.

You can now drag the scanned photo to Photoshop or Mac’s iPhoto to make adjustments then send to Power Point/Keynote, or e-mail to publisher or place on a CD.

There is no need to shoot with a camera/light box setup, transfer flashcard to reader, etc. very fast and efficient. Just another way to get the job done when shooting flies, rigging etc.


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