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Posted by GES on 2011-01-24 11:07:07 in reply to Re: This guy was actually catching fish posted by Max Garth on 2011-01-22 14:49:36

Well there's a lunatic fringe bunch of salmon fishermen who regularly fish the Columbia River at the Bonneville Dam; and who knows where else, who'se equipment would put both of thse guys to shame.

The best way to describe their community spinning reel is a "cement mixer".

They have a large drum made out of a big plastic bucketmaybe 10 gallons or so; it has slightly tapered sides. Probably for supplying large qyanitities of cooking fats to donut shops or the like.
This think is rigged up on an inclined axle, like abackyard cement mixer, except the bottom end of the bucket faces outwards, and the lid end, is at the inside end of the frame. They have a short crank handle in the middle of the bottom, which is smaller than the bottom of the bucket, and they can use that to single layer wind line on the bucket, starting with something like a swivel on the end of the line towards the bottom of the bucket, temporaruily taped in place, and they wind the line up the bucket, coming off the tip top of one of the group's "fishing rod", a somewhat regular rod and reel; which ends up just being placed on the ground under the mixmaster after loading the line.

Then the "caster" has a long surfcasting rod, with a casting leader and sinker etc outside the rod tip. That leader gets coupled over to the swivel on the bucket. The caster takes a short run up, and jumps off a trampoline not unlike the gymnastics vault thing, and he lets the whole thing fly, and peel line spinning reel style off the tilted up barrel. They are way above the river in a view location ther below the dam, and I think they can come pretty close to casting most of the way across the river.

They must run a bait or something down the line after they get it out in the river. There's a big sloping rock wall, I think they can climb down to land any fish they hook.

Craziest bunch I have ever seen; but it evidently works.


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