Re: Can Anyone Guess Who This Angler Is?

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Posted by GES on 2011-01-06 19:32:40 in reply to Re: Can Anyone Guess Who This Angler Is? posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-01-06 15:29:41

Jeez, I didn't even know that old Nick used to wear a wig; who'd a thunk that.

Hell even I never used to look that good; I was a true 90 pound weakling; well 140 pound anyway, (under ten stone), when I was a winning Light Maiden Class Rower in fours for the Waitemata Rowing Club. Unfortunately we were so good, that next year we had to go into the Junior Class, and I had to row with 225 pounders in the boat; I was little more than a bow anchor holdng those guy back (and catching a lot of crabs too.)

Well Nick; you still look great man !


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