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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2011-01-02 12:39:30 in reply to Re: My Favorite Rear Weighted Deceiver posted by Dave Sellers on 2011-01-01 19:30:53


In trying to achieve my above described goal,my testing and success has lead me away from the jig hook and toward a conventional worm hook by Owner called a twist lock worm hook.#5135-131.
It comes with a little spring that is soldered onto the hook shank that I remove and it is shaped much like a bend back style fly hook.It is super stout and very sharp. They have heavy and light wire versions to choose from. I have had decent luck keeping fish pinned after the grab with these hooks.

The shape of this hook makes the eye easier to bury in the head of the fly like I spoke about above. It still rides hook up like the jig version but you don't have the extended shank of the jig hook to try and make weedless.All the same rear weighting rules seem to apply to this hook in the same manner they apply to the jig hook.

This fly can be thrown 100 feet onto an algae mat and will go into and out of all the little 1',2' pockets of open water. It can be retrieved, cast after cast without fouling or catching any debris, and it still hooks fish.I really like throwing it deep into the tules on a point and have it dart from one tule stem to the other until it gets to open water then I let it flutter while falling down the face of the weed line.It is a very visual way to fish as you can watch it almost all the time.

Lot's more work to be done on it to make it perfect, but that is the joy of fly tying.

As for Steve Potters flies, amazing as they are I think the hair in the head would catch on the slimy moss that is pretty much every where. They might work well with a coat of Tuffleye or CCG over the top of them to smooth the surface out.

Spinning deer hair is something that I can't do very well but is an art form that I would love to learn.Steve is at the top of this craft. I have wanted to sit with him and learn how the master does it , but time has been the issue.

Cheers Chas

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