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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2011-01-02 10:00:56 in reply to Re: My Favorite Rear Weighted Deceiver posted by Phil Brna on 2011-01-01 21:50:31

I've only used this particular fly on stripers and it will hold up to around 200 fish before the chenille starts to wear off, but it will still catch fish. I'm not sure I'd use anything other than a synthetic Clouser or deceiver or, as you said, a gurgler for pike. For one, Pike, at least in remote waters, are not that selective and for that reason, why use anything that that takes a fair amount of time to tie, of for that matter, why use subsurface flies at all when they are eating gurglers on top? But that said, I would use the simple version of this fly on Pike and just tie up a couple dozen. You can use sharpies to add the color you like. I have not used this fly on species other that stripers. The chenille is new to me and so far it holds up great for stripers and I can say with certainty that it will hold up equally well to largemouth ans smallmouth bass, white bass, rockfish and most other non toothy fish. I would defer to Dan's experience as to how chenille holds up to Dorado but I think it does pretty well when tied and glued on correctly.


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