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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2011-01-01 10:25:19 in reply to Re: And for the lazy, there is this option........ posted by Jmac on 2011-01-01 09:54:23

The fly is NOT heavy. I think there is rumor going around to that effect.........grin. The deceiver hackles weigh nothing, the chenille weighs nothing and the solder wire weighs about the same as a pair of Clouser eyes. The epoxy does add some weight but not any more than is added by an epoxy head on any other fly.

But to your question, in a perfect world, if you could cast monofiliment as far you can cast a fly line, that would be ideal. The fly line does dampen the action. However, as Dan has pointed out, the less line out, the more action the fly has. Specifically, the closer the fly gets to you on the retrieve, the greater the action. Lucky for us, many fish follow flies right up to angler so as the fly appears to come up from the depths and out of the fishes zone, (which is when many fish eat) the action starts to get better and better and by the time the fly appears cornered by structure (in this case the water surface) it is darting like crazy. Dan and I were talking the other day about how this action actually triggers something in the human brain. The action really does demand your attention. It certainly triggered something in Fisher's brain (Dan's Dog). He was actually barking at the fly when it started darting! But back to the leader, I have not experimented that much with different leaders but genereally, I suppose a slightly longer leader might be better but I honestly wouldn't alter whatever you currently use so long as you are confident in it. But do use a Kreh non slip loop knot! Dave

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